Russian Walküre


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Anniversary series

Multi-layered sewing. Silk. Base: interlining.
Made in Russia
Souvenir. Not subject to customs declaration.
sports: aerobatics
personality: Svetlana Kapanina

Limited edition. Number of copies: 500.
Original packing.
Original signature Svetlana Kapanina.

delivery monitoring Russian Post or Correos

470 in stock


sports: aerobatics

Best Pilot Of The Century
Most Titled Pilot In World Sports Aviation and more…


Russian Walküre
Obereg Walküre is one of the most powerful and strong.
Combines the Wisdom, Fairness, Nobleness and Honor.
Essence Walküre it protection of Human race and Native land.
Walküre is the bestower of peace and tranquility.
Walküre protects their foundations and their possessions, serving as a shield, creating a so-called energy barrier between its owner and negative thoughts.
Obereg Valkyrie combines the human and the Universe in itself.
Walküre always comes to the help of kind and brave people.
For all age.
For men and women.
Obereg Walküre is on the left, near the heart.

In accordance with European law you can return the souvenir and request a refund within 14 days of the date of payment.
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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 80 x 76 x 4 mm


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